Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nearly there....

Over the past few days, I've had lots of help with my pink minkee and flannel blankets. Max and Emma both tested and approved them:

Think good thoughts for Max on Friday. He's going to the V-E-T to have his teeth cleaned. He's a very sweet cat, but he has bad teeth. They had to pull one last year, and I noticed the other day that he appears to have a cavity in another one. Since they don't put fillings in cat teeth, I'm sure it will be gone when I pick him up. He'll get liquid antibiotics that are really, really nasty tasting. But the good news is if I measure the medicine and fill the syringe the rest of the way up with water from a can of tuna, he thinks he's getting a treat. :)

Here is a stack of six pink blankies, waiting for satin binding:

At least four of them will get some kind of pink binding. The top one will get purple and the one second from the bottom might get yellow.

These are piles of extra flannel:

There are at least 2 receiving blankets (top right) there, but I haven't decided if I'm going to make them the same on both sides, make them with one of those fabrics on each side, or buy even more flannel (!) to make them solid on one side and print on the other (for a total of 4 blankets) I could get some green for the one with the yellow background and make it a little more gender neutral. I probably have enough of the solid pink (bottom right) to make one with that. The piles on the left side have at least 3 quilt tops' worth in them, I think, maybe four.

But those will have to wait. I doubt I'll be doing much sewing over the weekend. I'm working Saturday evening through Sunday morning and probably shouldn't use sharp objects after that. :-) But I'm hoping to leave work early tomorrow so I can pick up Max and because I'll be working so much over the weekend. Depending on how the big guy is doing, I might set him up in the kitty hammock in the sewing room and work on some stuff when I get home for a while.

In addition to good thoughts for Max, one of the ladies in my Dear Jane group is have a PET scan tomorrow for a cyst/something on her lung. Linda needs good thoughts and prayers, too. Thanks!

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