Sunday, January 3, 2010

Public Service Announcement

The weather is cold and nasty. If you have long stretches of time with not much to do and aren't opposed to some violence and frequent utterances of "Dammit!," Best Buy has all seasons of crack - I mean 24, on sale for $13.99 each. I haven't been able to find used ones that cheap. I already ordered my copies of the seasons we don't have yet, so I figure it's safe to share . ;-) Hurry, they're only on sale Sunday and Monday

Now I just have to wait till May for Season 8 to come out on DVD. I'm not sure I can watch it week-to-week and stay sane.....

Funny related note: I'm reading Patient Zero, by Jonathan Maberry (I like it so far, though I did dream about zombies one night after reading it). The main character has just been told they want him to lead the team to find/stop the zombies. This follows:

"....Why were they asking me? I'm just a cop. Where are the guys who actually do this for a living? How come none of them were here? Where's James Bond and Jack Bauer?...."

I laughed out loud. Jack Bauer would be perfect for fighting zombies. But we decided that adding zombies to 24 would be jumping the shark and we're not ready for that yet.

Kathryn doesn't like posts without pictures, and I haven't made any progress on anything crafty since Friday. So you get this:

"This is our chair!!"

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Jonathan Maberry said...

I hope you enjoy the whole book, Connie.