Monday, May 24, 2010

Quilt Camp

Can you guess where I was this weekend?

Yep, I was at spring quilt camp at Round Lake Christian Assembly in Lakeville. I love quilt camp. It's a great bunch of ladies, all working on whatever it is they brought with them.

No one goes hungry at quilt camp!

This year we had some extra special guests on the balcony. See them?

Does this help?

A couple of robins had good sized nests on the light fixtures and there were several other nests in progress. One of the birds scared the bejeebers out of me Friday night when I was outside getting some air. It swooped right past me from behind.

On my way to quilt camp, I stopped at Calla Lily in Wooster for a yarn fix:

The thing underneath the yarn on the right is a wine bag and the tassled scrunchy closure is above the yarn. The bag of beads below the yarn is there because it's meant to be a beaded hat kit (with the wine bag doubling as a gift bag). But I don't think I'll be making a hat out of it. Not sure what I *will* make out of it, but that's never stopped me before, right? I have one of those one-skein pattern books so I'm sure I'll figure something out.

What did I work on once I got to camp, you ask? Well, I quilted this, which is a group gift for the first granchild of a guy at the office. I cut it out, Lisa pieced it, I quilted it and Katie will bind it.

But mostly, I worked on these:

It took me most of the weekend to assemble these 8 grocery bags (tutorial here), and I had them all cut out before I left. Max helped with the cutting:

"Aaahhhhhhhhh.... this is the life!"

You'll be seeing more of these bags. I have 4 more cut out already and I remembered there was some other fabric I wanted to use. I think there will be at least 5 more, so that will take some more fabric out of the stash. With the two dozen I made last year, I figure I will have used close to 70 yards of fabric for these bags. Not really making a dent in the stash, though. Sigh....