Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad news, good news

Bad news: I was happily knitting along on the mermaid sock at the doctor's office today (sinus infection, woohoo!) and noticed there weren't enough stitches on my needle. I needed 16, but for some reason there were only 15. Uh oh. I looked and found I had dropped a stitch 2 or 3 rows down. Given the stitch pattern, I wasn't confident I could fix it in place. I was going to have to tink it back.

Good news: When I made the last batch of small project bags, I made some removable stitch markers to keep on the zipper pulls of my various bags:

Pretty and functional. It kept that pesky stitch from unraveling until I could tink back to it. It's all fixed now. I haven't caught back up to where I was before, but it shouldn't take long. Those removable stitch markers really come in handy. I used one to mark the location of the heel flap, then the toe decreases on the first Mineral sock so I could easily compare the second sock to it. Very handy.

In other news, apparently this is what the cats do when I'm in the kitchen and they're not.

"We like staring at the Magic Door!"

And last night Blue and Emma were joined at the butt:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Victory rose

Every time I think the rose in my office is DOA,

...it sprouts new buds (sorry, crappy cell phone pictures).

I cleaned the aquarium today.

Gossamer the monster catfish is a little camera shy

One day next week I'll pick up some new friends for him. The last of his former friends, a unnamed pearl gourami, died on Friday. :-(

I have a couple of stealth projects I *should* be working on, but instead, I started this:

This is a Gaia shawl in Celestial Cloud sock yarn by KnitWitch in the Witching Hour colorway. I haven't decided if it's dark brown or black. I'm hoping it's black, since I want to wear it with a sleeveless red dress I just bought for my cousin's wedding next month. We'll see if I get it done in time.

The cats have been busy lately, too.

"I love the Halloween woobie Mama made for me!"

"I see something out there, Runt!"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finished objects

I finished the Mineral socks!

That's just a plain sock pattern in Patons Stretch Socks yarn in the Mineral colorway. They're pretty comfy.

The rest of the finished objects I can't take credit for.

I've worked in downtown Cleveland for the last 3+ years. That whole time, they've had scaffolding up on the top of Terminal Tower (the building I work in is the big one on the left side of the picture). Last month they finished the renovations and took down the scaffolds. Doesn't it look great?

And saving the best for last, one of the ladies in my Dear Jane group finished the center of her quilt top.

We've been meeting for a little over 2 years. I'm not sure if she had any blocks done when we started or not. I think she's going to take a much-deserved break before she decides whether or not to do the triangles. Congratulations, Judy, it looks great!!

Speaking of Dear Jane, it's very unlikely that I'm going to make it to the half-way point on mine by the end of the year. I have two weeks of vacation time left to burn by the end of the year, so if I spend a few of those holed up in my sewing room, I might get close. But don't count on it.

In other news, we turned on the heat yesterday. Can you tell??

"Mmmmm, warm air....."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Before and after

The charcoal scarf project "Before":

The charcoal scarf project "After":

Much better, yes? After my furry children destroyed my loaf of bread, I opened a surprise package in the mail. My friend send me a handmade project bag. Isn't it great? Thanks, Sarah!

I actually used my embroidery machine this week.

Baby blankets for someone at work to give as gifts


"Mama did feed us the other night. We love Mama."

Monday, October 5, 2009

We have a new rule

On days that I have food in the crockpot, naughty kitties are not allowed in the kitchen when I'm at work. It stimulates their already over-active appetites. Thankfully, this is what I found on the kitchen floor when I got home and not the crockpot.

Cute cat pictures are not on my to-do list this time around. Also, for some reason I'm not feeling overly anxious to feed the little monsters their dinners. No idea why....