Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bag lady 2011

Those of you who've been reading this for a while might have noticed that I occasionally become fixated on a certain kind of projects. There was the Dear Jane phase that started the blog, followed by the baby blanket phase of '08 , several beading jags, and the ever-present socks. The current obsession is bags. Again.

I got some free fabric at quilt camp in May, so I used a couple of pieces to make this little bag.

A larger version of the Straight Sided Triangular Cosmetic Bag

I adjusted the size to make the most of the cherry print fabric. If I make another one of these, I'll either put the handle on the other end of the zipper, or add another smaller loop on that side to make it easier to close. Here's the inside:

I was going for instant gratification, so no inside pockets

You might recall that I started assembling the outer panels of this bag at quilt camp in May. I finally finished it.

Charlottesville Courthouse Bag, by Jean Bailey of Wildcat Studio

The pattern isn't available online, but I can put you in contact with Jean, if you're interested. This puppy is BIG - 18" long, 13" tall and 8" deep, give or take a fraction. All of the fabrics are by Jinny Beyer, mostly her Rosewood Collection. You can't see them in the pictures, but it has 5/8" oak dowels for handles (Jean sells the finished handles, too) and metal feet that weren't called for on the pattern..

Inside there are a couple of small open pockets, also not in the pattern.

And a big zippered pocket, which is in the pattern.

The zipper pocket was easier than I expected. I used this technique, which is very clever, and less fiddly than the one in the actual pattern. I used a piece of foam core board in the bottom to give it a little structure without adding much weight. I really love this bag.

A couple of months ago, I spent several evenings and most of a Sunday afternooon cutting out and fusing this stack of pieces-parts.

Most of them became these.

Four standard and one large size Two Hour Tulip Purses

I love these bags, even though the name is a little deceiving. You can easily sew one together in two hours, but it takes at least that long to cut and fuse all the pieces.

Here are the insides:

Standard size red. I tried to get all the horizontal lines to match, but the fabric was kind of wonky.

Blue paisley - more Jinny Beyer fabric on the outside of these. Not sure about the lining.

The large size red bag has a patch pocket and a pleated one on the inside.

There's one more bag that isn't finished yet, but you'll see it eventually. I have a fairly large stack of fabric and several other bag patterns waiting for me. No, I don't know what I'll do with them when I'm done, but that's never stopped me from making things before. I can always give them away as gifts.

Of course, Emma supervised the construction.

"I'm pressing these pieces for you, Mama."

And Max tested the finished tote for me. This might give you a sense of the size of the bag, since he's a pretty average sized cat.