Friday, June 29, 2012

Bag lady 2012

I've been on a bit of a bag kick lately.  In addition to the 30-odd feed bag totes, I've made just a few others.  It started with this little project bag with the cupcake fabric.

Just right for a pair of socks

Then I moved on to this.


It's the Key West Plus tote, made from the Florida version of the Trace 'n Create Template from Clover.


The pattern didn't call for an inside pocket, but I thought it needed one.  I used fusible fleece on the outer fabric and some kind of lightweight interfacing (whatever I had lying around) on the lining fabric.  It's a nice size and I like fabrics. 

It's a little floppy, though, and I wanted something a little more sturdy.

I had some fabric in the stash that makes me happy, so I made another one.

So happy
I added an inner zipper pocket
This time I found some thin quilt batting and used some fusible web to attach it to the outer fabric.  It has a little more body and it's Very Bright.  I think I love it. :-)

 I made these to use when I go on vacation this summer.  There's a whole group of us going to the Oregon coast, and we decided that all of the ladies should have one.  Two of the local gals made their own.  I made these to send to the other two.

The color isn't really great in the pictures, but I love both of these, too.

Once I got those out of my system (for now). I moved on to something silly, a little purse made of duct tape. Sure, it's dorky, but it was too hot to wear the duct tape bustier...

For the Duct Tape Festival, of course

But my favorite one from my latest bag bender is the Professional Tote.  There are a lot of pieces to cut out and fuse interfacing to, but the pattern is well written and totally worth effort.

It has a double front pocket - there's an open pocket behind the zippered one. The pockets on the sides are gathered with leather ties and I added some gold bead caps.  The ties are a little long, so I need to shorten them.


On the back there's a big pocket and above that is a strap that you can slide over the handle of your rolling suitcase to keep it in place. You have to look kind of close to see it.

The inside used to have a zipper pocket in the middle, but I decided I didn't want the the inside to be divided like that.  If I were actually planning to put a laptop in it, the pocket would be great, but since I'm not, it had to go.  

Unfortunately, I didn't decide that till after it was finished, so I had to take it apart, remove the divider pocket and put it back together.  I like it better now.

I didn't waste the zipper or the little business card holder that were on the pocket.  The zipper went on an inside zipper pocket the back above the patch pocket with the key clasp.

The business card holder went above the pocket on the front with the velcro flap closure.  Inside the front is an odd place for it, but what the heck.

I didn't realize when I was picking out the fabrics for this project that they'd match Blue so well

"I like this one, Mama"

And of course I had help with the other ones as well.  My quality control team tends to sleep on the job.