Monday, March 17, 2008

End of a Dry Spell?

It's been a while since I posted, but there didn't seem to be a lot to talk about at the time. Now I'll catch up.

You met my cat, Emma, a month or so ago. Here is a picture of her trying to remove her new collar:

You might not be able to tell from this, but she has her lower jaw *inside* the collar and is chewing on it. Perhaps I should snug it up by one hole so she can't do that anymore. The snap-together safety collars are pointless, as she can get those off in a heartbeat. She has been known to unbuckle the more traditional collars, but I think she just chewed through the elastic on the last one. She's our little Houdini. :) She has lost some weight, which is good. She was down to 12 pounds at her last vet visit. Unfortunately, her blood work showed that she needs to have the sub-q fluids again, which none of us were happy about. :(

Since my last post we had a nice "little" snowstorm. At one point I measured a drift of 23" in my driveway. I have a fairly long driveway, at least it seems that way to me when I have to shovel it. John had his wisdom teeth removed the day the snow started, so he wasn't going to be able to do much shoveling. I spent an hour on it that Saturday (Mar. 8) and managed to clear a path for the mail carrier to get to the mailbox and enough space to get a car in the driveway, if needed. Four hours later, you couldn't tell I'd been out there. I was feeling horribly trapped and despondent. My back was already tired/sore from clearing the driveway after the ice/snow storm earlier that week. (Gotta love Ohio -- 70 degrees on Monday, freezing rain and snow Tuesday and Wednesday, 40 degrees Thursday, then ~20" of snow Friday and Saturday). Luckily some kids came by later Saturday evening and offered to clear the drive and sidewalks for $20. I gave them $30 and still got deal.

While I was stalking around in my snowed in house, I finished the "purple" baby quilt:

For National Quilting Day (Mar 15), I sewed the binding on the front of my quilt guild's raffle quilt. I don't have a picture of it, but it's a queen-sized version of this:

I also finished two more Dear Jane blocks over the weekend:

I hadn't done a Dear Jane anything since the end of February. Hopefully I'll get back in the groove now. But first I have to get the hand stitching done on the raffle quilt. It needs to be done by next week, but I'm hoping to have it done by Friday, so I can drop it off with the lady who's coordinating the consignment quilt sales at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo at the I-X Center next weekend.

Emma has now progressed from chewing on her collar to chewing on my fingers and my laptop. Guess that means it's dinner time.... :) Gotta go!

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