Friday, April 30, 2010

Things you don't see every day

Today is a collection of things you don't see every day. I'll warn you, there are some crappy cell phone pictures included.

First up - ALPACAS!! Thursday was knit night at That'll Do Farm. They are so cute:

The girls - two of them are expecting


The as-yet-unnamed baby boy

I had a great time and many, many much-needed laughs after a pretty stressful day at work.

Next up, the DeLorean I saw at the car wash on the way to work this morning:

I have no idea what happened here, but a telephone pole down the street has been like this for a week:


Emma wanted to play Vanna

Crochet?? At my house? I took a 1-hour learn to crochet class from a lady at work on Tuesday. gotta say, I'm not hooked (yeah, couldn't help the bad pun). I had a really hard time keeping my tension even and figuring out where the stitches should go. I think I'll stick to knitting and reserve crochet for finishing/edging. And even then, only when absolutely necessary.

And what's this?

Knitting progress!! My hands finally stopped hurting (stupid arthritis) and I made it to the point where it's time to start the heel flaps on the Laughing Matter socks. Hooray!

Finally, Sleeping Princess in Cowboy Hat:


Pretty Knitty said...

Lovely collection! Looks like you are having fun. . .

S said...

So cute alpacas!! And I love the way the yarn is pooling across the socks! How does it do that???