Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bag lady

I seem to be on a bag kick. You'll recall the red and brown Sweet Treat Bag I made a couple of months ago.

And the grocery bags I made at quilt camp.

Well, I also made these that I haven't shown you yet.

Those are the standard size Two Hour Tulip bags (see, there's that fabric I told you would be back on the blog soon). Here's an inside view of each of them:

I managed to assemble both of them in about two and half hours, but it took about twice that long to cut out all the pieces and fuse everything. There's fusible fleece on the wrong side of the outer fabric and fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the lining fabric. But they're so darned cute!

So I might have cut out and fused pieces for a couple (or four) more:

And in an effort to cull the fabric stash, I just might have cut out another eight or so grocery bags.

Yes, there are a dozen of them there. The four along the bottom are the ones I cut out before quilt camp but never put together. Not pictured is one I cut out after the picture was taken, from some fabric I got from a lady at my once-a-month quilt night.

In kitty news, Max had two more teeth pulled a week ago Friday. Poor little guy doesn't have many left. Doesn't keep him from eating, though.

"Why has Mama been calling me 'Gummy'?"

Princess Emma had a busy day today. First she "helped" me make the bed:

I thought throwing the sheet on her would make her move. Not so much.

Then she got busted cuddling with those "stupid, stinky kittens."

"This isn't what it looks like, Mama!"

One last odd thing. I went out to dinner a while ago on my way to knit night. As I was leaving, I asked for some more iced tea in a to-go cup so I'd have something to drink while I was knitting. They gave me this:


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