Friday, September 28, 2012

MIA part 2: vacation

Last post I pointed you to my friend Julie's blog and you might have figured out that a bunch of us went on vacation together.  These are my college friends, dubbed the Lunch Bunch because we all had lunch together several times a week back in our Kent State days.  The group has spread to both coasts, with one family in Massachusetts and one in Washington state.  The last time we all got together for a vacation we went to New England.

July 4, 2001

So this time we decided to meet on the left coast, specifically, Fort Stevens State Park, on the Oregon coast very near the Washington state line.  The Bunch has grown since then. The two oldest boys for some reason didn't want to go on a cross country train ride with their parents.  Teenagers - go figure. :-)  
July 11, 2012, photo stolen from JulieZ

It was great to have everyone together again and the Oregon coast is beautiful.  I didn't take a lot of pictures but here are a few of the ones I did take:

Our home away from home, one of the four, that is

Pelicans and sea gull at the beach in the park
There were lots of these footprints on the beach

It's really beautiful out there

You might remember this from The Goonies

All of those orange blocks?  Tillamook cheddar cheese, yum!

The Octopus Tree
These thistles were around the tree

Multnomah Falls - featured in a car commercial this summer

After we all separated, some of us headed southeast to Sisters, Oregon for the annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show - the world's largest outdoor quilt show.  The show was great, but a little overwhelming. Then later in the afternoon, it rained.  The quilt rescue crews took down all the quilts in record time, very impressive.

The Three Sisters mountain range

There were quilts hanging all over town

Seriously, every vertical surface had a quilt on it.

I had a layover in San Francisco and they changed the gate for my flight. It was a good thing, because they had a huge exhibit about the history of sewing machines.  I won't bore you with all the pictures, but here are a few of my favorite.

Lots of sewing-related toys
Toy machines

These sliding frames were used to draft clothing patterns

These old machines were really cool

A collection of antique irons and pressing tools

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Pretty Knitty said...

I know that you had fun, from talking to you...but I love that you shared the pics! Looks like a fun bunch o'people!!!