Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad news, good news

Bad news: I was happily knitting along on the mermaid sock at the doctor's office today (sinus infection, woohoo!) and noticed there weren't enough stitches on my needle. I needed 16, but for some reason there were only 15. Uh oh. I looked and found I had dropped a stitch 2 or 3 rows down. Given the stitch pattern, I wasn't confident I could fix it in place. I was going to have to tink it back.

Good news: When I made the last batch of small project bags, I made some removable stitch markers to keep on the zipper pulls of my various bags:

Pretty and functional. It kept that pesky stitch from unraveling until I could tink back to it. It's all fixed now. I haven't caught back up to where I was before, but it shouldn't take long. Those removable stitch markers really come in handy. I used one to mark the location of the heel flap, then the toe decreases on the first Mineral sock so I could easily compare the second sock to it. Very handy.

In other news, apparently this is what the cats do when I'm in the kitchen and they're not.

"We like staring at the Magic Door!"

And last night Blue and Emma were joined at the butt:

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Lizz said...

Haha. Love the pattern! Is it your own? The mermaid? Looks a bit like a seed stitch?