Sunday, October 18, 2009

Victory rose

Every time I think the rose in my office is DOA, sprouts new buds (sorry, crappy cell phone pictures).

I cleaned the aquarium today.

Gossamer the monster catfish is a little camera shy

One day next week I'll pick up some new friends for him. The last of his former friends, a unnamed pearl gourami, died on Friday. :-(

I have a couple of stealth projects I *should* be working on, but instead, I started this:

This is a Gaia shawl in Celestial Cloud sock yarn by KnitWitch in the Witching Hour colorway. I haven't decided if it's dark brown or black. I'm hoping it's black, since I want to wear it with a sleeveless red dress I just bought for my cousin's wedding next month. We'll see if I get it done in time.

The cats have been busy lately, too.

"I love the Halloween woobie Mama made for me!"

"I see something out there, Runt!"

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