Sunday, April 10, 2011

Done and done

So, I finished a couple of things.

I joined a bookmark scarf exchange back in December. The idea is you pick a bookmark pattern that was meant for very thin yarn and tiny needles, and knit it with thicker yarn on bigger needles. I chose the Triple Chevron Bookmark pattern and knit it with a worsted weight cotton/acrylic blend yarn on size 10-1/2 needles. I used the cotton blend yarn because my swap partner lives in Georgia. I kept repeating the pattern till I ran out of yarn on one skein, then did the same thing with a second skein of yarn. When that was done, I grafted the two together to get this:

And folded up:

I sent it off last week, so I can post it now.

I also finally finished my purple socks:

Plain vanilla sock, eye of partridge heel, Koigu KPPM yarn

I was worried that I was going to run out of yarn, but didn't, thankfully. Now I just have to remember that these socks are NOT machine washable.

And since I finished one pair of socks, of course I started another one (because I really need to have 4 pairs of socks on needles at once.)

This is a mystery sock knit along, by Antje Gillingham. It has cables and beads (so far). It will have another 2 two repeats of those last 4 rows - one cable row and a row of beads, with a row of ribbing after each. After that, it's a mystery. :) I'm liking them so far, though.

And this is what happens at my house when you leave your laptop open.

"This thing is warm, Mama!"

In case you're wondering, a cat on a keyboard can press enough keys to keep the bell going for about 5 minutes after he gets shooed off. Ask me how I know.


Michelle said...

Love the cat on the laptop! LOL!

Pretty Knitty said...

The scarf and the socks are GREAT! I like the beads you picked. And the cat? Well, we all love our cats, don't we. . .no matter what! lol

Ann B. said...

And it's hard to type with a cat on your laptop too. ask me how I know....;-)