Friday, January 25, 2008


Okay, I had a really nice long post about my cat Emma, with 15 Dear Jane blocks at the end, then Firefox crashed (again). Despite Blogger claiming it saved my draft, it didn't. It's all gone.

And that was after I tried at least 6 times to get the blasted blocks uploaded. I kept getting errors. I'm getting them again/still, so I'm going to cut my losses at only 5 blocks and hit the sack. Hopefully my technology will behave better tomorrow or Saturday.


Elly D said...

Hi Connie,
Firstly, your DJ blocks are wonderful. I like JB fabrics. I recognize one or two ;)
Secondly about your problems with this blog.
I have similar problems. Every time I make a new post I always get an error the first time and have to type in the second letter thingy at the bottom. I've no idea why that happens as I always type it in carefully the first time.
Also, the other day I was having a real hard time posting something and then I realized I was clicking the wrong bit at the bottom. I was clicking save draft instead of publish draft.. there you are. We'll get there in the end won't we...

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hi Connie:

About the problems posting on the blog...I had that problem too for awhile and I think I figured out what my problem pictures were too big. I have since resized them before putting them on the blog...I click on pixels and save them at 350 x 350 or at most 400 x 600. Now I don't have problems anymore. You mentioned scanning blocks in? Scans seem to be bigger than jpgs too. Hope this helps.

Jacqui in Canada