Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not completely quilt related...

Update #1: I found the "Mother" my Holiday swap block. The sticky note she had on it fell off during the Sorting. Hooray!
Update #2: That was Creepy Guy who nearly stole the neighbor's car a week ago Sunday. He's apparently no stranger to the city or county court system. On-line court records are a wonderful thing. Well, except when they still show a couple of speeding tickets you had years ago. :)
Update #3: I found the post I started about my cat, so here it is, slightly edited to account for the date change.

This is Emma, also known as EmmaCat, Princess Emma, Fat Girl or Crabby Pants, depending on our mood and hers. She is seen here on top of a ~6 foot tall bookcase, trying in vain to escape "the Evil Kittens". You'll get to meet them (and the 2 other adult cats) later. I have 5 felines total, and am in grave danger of becoming a crazy cat lady! No more cats, though. I draw the line at 5. Really!

Emma is 4.5 years old and was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) last March, around the time of the big pet food scare. Emma was not a victim of poisoned food, which eased some potential guilt on my part. She was apparently born with one kidney that's too small to work well.

Since then, we've been giving her a phosphorous binder (aluminum hydroxide) in or with her food every day, and have been trying to give her sub-cutaneous fluid injections at home twice a week. She doesn't like being stuck in the back with a needle, and we don't like doing it, but she's such a lovable little cat, we couldn't give up without a fight. Our vets were very positive about her prognosis and we truly appreciate them and everyone on their staff.

We switched from a liquid version of the aluminum hydroxide to a powdered gel version a month ago, and she needed to have her blood work checked, since I was making a best guess about the dosage. We'd been lax in the "sub-q" fluids department because it's so stressful for all involved and she seemed to be feeling find. When we took her a week ago Saturday, she hadn't had fluids for 2 weeks. Well, we got good news last week!! Her blood numbers looked good, despite the fact that we were bad/lazy parents! Her phosphorous level was a bit low, so we're adjusting the dosage of the powder, and we'll check her again in a month. But the best news is, we don't have to give her the fluids till we go back!! I've tried to tell her this, and you'd think she'd be happy, but she's till crabbing at the kittens whenever they come around. There's just no pleasing some cats. :)

Some nice someone left me a comment that the reason my pictures are failing to load is because the files are too big. I guess I won't try to attach so many at once. At some point I'll go back and change the file sizes, but tonight is not the night.

Here is the next set of blocks:

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