Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another busy week (or so)

Well, it's been over a week since my last post. I've been busy. Labor Day was John's birthday, then I had two reasonably normal days in the office. Thursday I did a "Day in the Life" gig where we cube-dwellers work in a local retail store for a day to see how the other half lives. It was a nice change, and even though I had to get there earlier than normal, it was a shorter drive, and I was done by 2 pm. Woohoo!

Friday I left for another round of quilt camp. I got a good bit accomplished, but no Dear Jane blocks. I had planned to spend maybe half the time there playing with flannel for baby quilts then switch to Dear Jane. I was hoping to at least re-do the square and triangle that I made in the "wrong" fabrics. I did spend about half the time playing with baby quilts, and considered plowing through the rest of the flannel, just to be Done, but I couldn't take it anymore so I switched gears completely and worked on (and screwed up) my charm pack tote bag. More about that after I fix it.

Since my last post, I finished both the "Neapolitan" and "Vanilla" washcloths:

And I've reduced this flannel:

To this:

Well, the top right pile is still mostly intact, since I only reduced it by one receiving blanket:

The rest of the flannel went into 4 quilt tops and a quilt back. One top is quilted to fleece and waiting for binding, two are basted to fleece, waiting for quilting and binding. The last one will go with the back I pieced, and I'm trying to decide if I should put batting in it or not.

Tomorrow (probably) I'll do some quilting and binding of some the tops I pieced, and bind some of the minkee/flannel blankies. I also have to fix that tote bag. When I have completed projects, I'll post pictures.

One parting (kinda crappy) shot -

Nothing brings a family together like a plate full of tuna! Clockwise from the far left, that's Max, Emma, Blue and Runt. Ripley was on the other side of the "Magic Door" eating her canned food with a bit of tuna mixed in.

Max update: he had three teeth removed a week ago, including one where the crown was gone, leaving just some abscessed roots. OUCH!! Poor little guy. He's still getting tuna juice treats (aka antibiotics) twice a day, and he's not allowed to eat crunchy food for another week. He goes back for his checkup on Saturday. The vet said she's not really worried about his creatinine level being a little high, because A) it's not *that* high; B) his BUN levels are fine; and C) his urine is nice and concentrated, like it's supposed to be. She thinks that creat. level might just be normal for him. I'm still going to switch him to the prescription food, once he can eat dry again, just to be safe. If he doesn't really have kidney problems, this food isn't going to hurt him, and if he does, it will help his kidneys to not work as hard.

Bedtime!! More later this week.

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S said...

I hate it when my BUN levels are off. ;-) What is a magic door? I can't see it in the picture.