Sunday, August 31, 2008

Decisions, decisions.....

Precious little sewing has been done here lately. It's been a really rough week at work and I haven't been getting a lot of free time or sleep. We're hoping that will not be the case long.

Since work kept me at home, rather than at a cookout with my friends yesterday, I spent a little time in my sewing room. I embroidered a design for the center front of a tote bag I'm going to make from some charm squares, but I'm not sure I like the thread I used. I thought it might be too coral for the fabrics, but maybe not?

I know, not the greatest picture. There are bits of the green purple and blue in the thread.

I'm having a hard time deciding on which binding to use on this minkee/flannel blankie:

Pink? Yellow? Or option #3 - a lighter pink, which I don't currently have. Please vote for your choice, either in the comments or directly to me (connieb125 at yahoo dot com).

And finally, do these two fabrics go well enough together to put them on opposite sides of a receiving blanket?

I have enough of them to make 2-4 receiving blankets, depending on which way I decide to go. I suppose I could do one with the two of them together, one with the pink print on one side and solid pink on the other, and one with the yellow print on the front and green on the back, for a more gender-neutral version. I have some solid pink flannel, but I don't have any green. Unless I use fleece for the back of that one, to make it more like a quilt. I have a piece of bright green fleece in the stash. Hey, I kinda like that idea. It would get more stuff out of the stash, and I wouldn't have to buy anything else. Except some satin binding. But that's what 40% off coupons are for. And since I'm on my spending diet again...

The reason for my renewed spending diet: Max was supposed to get his teeth cleaned and probably one pulled last Friday, but they found a heart murmur during his pre-surgery exam. They ran a bunch of tests and after being on antibiotics for a week, the murmur is gone. We think his tooth was bothering him so much that that he wasn't drinking and got severely dehydrated. His gums look much better now, though he still needs to have that tooth pulled, along with maybe another one. Poor little guy. Also, one of his kidney numbers (creatinine) is up, which is an early sign of kidney problems. So we're going to switch him over to the prescription food that Emma is on to try to slow that down. They are littermates, so it's possible that there's some genetic predisposition to kidney problems. Emma's just went bad sooner. Cats sure are expensive. But how could I resist this little face???

"Mama loves me best -- I get tuna juice twice a day!"

[He doesn't know his antibiotics are in there. -Mama]

Enjoy the rest of the long holiday weekend, for those here in the USA. Not that anyone I know lives elsewhere, but you never know who might be reading this, right?

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