Monday, August 10, 2009

Catching up again

Okay, I know it's been a while since my last post. I haven't been overly productive since I got back from Orlando. But I have some stuff to share anyway.

I forgot to post this picture from my trip.

That's Buckeye the concrete sheep outside the Sip & Knit yarn shop in Maitland. The owner is from Ohio, thus the name. She has a very impressive collection of sheep inside the shop, too. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

Last Friday at work I got an token of the company's appreciation for a project I worked on.

It's a pretty crystal award, but to be honest, I didn't do *that* much work on the project. It was a big team and everyone got one. A nice gesture, anyway.

Another work-related item. I work in an old office building. Actually, it's three buildings that are interconnected on some floors but not others. I swear it was designed by M.C. Escher. There are people who've worked there for 30 years who haven't figured it out, so I don't feel bad when I get lost. Especially since they keep changing it. Evidence of that seen here:

There *used* to be a door here

I had to work from home on Saturday, and during some of the down time, I cut fabric for the Sister's Choice workshop with Bonnie Hunter on Wednesday, but I'll save that for another post.

On Sunday I baked Bonnie's Banana Bread to take to class.

I had enough thawed frozen bananas to make 3 loaves, so I did. If you make 1.5 times the recipe in your 4.5 qt KitchenAid mixer, be prepared for it to be very full! After I mixed the batter, I divided it up to make 3 different flavors. The one on the left has pecans. the one on the right is plain and the round one in the middle has blueberries in it. The loaf-shaped ones are in the fridge waiting for class. I ran out of loaf pans, which is why the one in the middle is round. Apologies to my classmates, but that one isn't going to class with me. I'm pretty sure it will be gone by Wednesday. YUM!!!

Guess what?? I finished my striped, two at a time socks!

That's the basic sock pattern from Knitting Circles Around Socks, by Antje Gillingham in Adriafil Knitcol yarn, color 044. I'm happy with them. John pointed out that they don't match, but I don't care. I'm okay with fraternal twin socks. I like having both socks finished at the same time. Her second book has instructions for doing them toe-up, which I might have to try.

I was on call for work last week. The one night I actually had to get up in the middle of the night to check a server, I found this scene downstairs.

"Aren't we cute??"

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