Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday update

Well, it's Thursday night in Orlando. It only *feels* like it's over 100 degrees, unlike in the Pacific Northwest, where it *is* over 100 degrees. I've been staying inside where it's nice and cool, thanks.

I did make it to a couple of yarn shops while I've been here. Here's a sampling of my acquisitions:

All sock yarn which I really don't need any more of, but it doesn't count as stash. So I've been told, anyway. :)

I also stopped at quilt shop, but since I only got a pattern and a fat quarter of fabric, I didn't get a picture.

I finished cutting the neutral pieces for the Bonnie Hunter class:

200 strips and 152 squares

I also cut up all the purple fabric I brought with me.

Squares for 56 blocks. 16 more to go.

I've made some progress on a new plain sock

I started it before I left and knit on the plane, before class and during breaks. Not bad....

I made some new friends here.

But I'm looking forward to seeing the ones waiting for me at home:

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