Monday, September 14, 2009

The clean plate club

Warning: I'm traveling again and there will be nothing but crappy cell phone pictures until I get back home.

I'm in Boston again, so I had to make at least one trip to Legal Sea Foods. This plate used to be filled with wood-grilled sea scallops, mashed potatoes and steamed snap peas.


I actually flew in on Saturday and drove up to Maine to visit my cousin, Annette. When we were kids we used to spend a couple of weeks at each others' houses during the summers, and were pen pals the rest of the year. We haven't kept in touch as well as we could have, but it was really great to see her and her mom and her youngest son. The older four kids are already grown and gone. Does she look like she has a couple of grandkids??

Yeah, time for me to quit the clean plate club, I think. :-( It was so good, though....

In less depressing news, I'm making progress on my second mineral sock:

The plan is to get together with my friend for knit night tomorrow, so I should make some more progress then. Never fear, I have other stuff to knit if I finish it.

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Monica said...

love Legal Seafood!