Saturday, September 26, 2009

We interrupt this blog....

Knitting and sewing might be kind of slow for a while. Why?

The latest Jamie and Claire novel, "An Echo in the Bone" came out on Tuesday and I picked up a copy at the library yesterday. Sorry for the glare -- that shiny library cover is hard to photograph. I love this series! If you like 18th century historical fiction and/or tall, red-haired Highlanders, check it out. The first in the series is "Outlander". Be warned, these are for adult readers, there's sex, violence, betrayal, death and adult language in them. Some of the language is in Gaelic, though. ;-)

I have made progress on the second Mineral sock.

I hope to get it close to finished over the next couple of days. I'm going to a party today (if I'm not driving, I'll knit in the car on the way) and to my parents' house on Sunday. It wouldna be polite to take yon book wi' me and read it there, ken? [sorry, it's hard not to pick up the language from the book] I can knit and talk at the same time, however. ;-)

Boys night in....

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thecraftyquilter said...

I'll have to get my copy! I forgot it was coming out this month! yeah!