Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day, indeed...

I'm late posting this but I was a bit burned out. Two of my coworkers and I worked nearly 20 hours over the "holiday" weekend. We had an upgrade scheduled for Saturday, which was bad enough, but then a series of problems burned us out and had us working again on Sunday. It was pretty awful, but at least we didn't have to back out the upgrade, which would have meant another lost weekend.

On the plus side. I finished my sock while I was there:

I started the second one, and have about 2" done, but I didn't take a picture of that.

I boxed up a bunch of stuff from my sewing room that I wasn't going to use to send to Iraq. I had some bigger pieces of fabric that once upon a time I'd planned to use to make clothes. I also sent a bunch of buttons, some marking tools (I had quite the collection of those) and a bunch of thread. The box weighed 9 pounds and I had to go two different post offices to send it. Apparently the one in Tower City has decided to close at random times, always when I want to go there.

I didn't get pictures of the box I sent, but I had helpers in the sewing room.

"Maybe you can send something from this box, Mama."

"This pile is mine, Mama."

My friend sent me this link. It looks very similar to my living room.




I heard that Ripley was in it at some point, but didn't stay long enough to have her picture taken. The only one who hasn't checked out the cat trap is Princess Emma CrabbyPants. I guess she figures that's beneath her. ;-)

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