Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why yes, I'm still working on Dear Jane, sort of

Tonight was Dear Jane night again. Seems like just yesterday I started this block, got 3/4 of it done and my hand hated me for a week afterwards. But I finished it tonight.

H-12, Hannah Lou's Hearts - not perfect, but finished!

I'm up to a nice round number of blocks (70), but I have 15 blocks, 5 triangles and a corner kite to do if I'm going to hit the half-way mark. Not likely, especially since so many of the blocks require some amount of hand work. My hand just can't take very much needle work at one time. Stupid arthritis! I have a week's vacation coming up, so I might get a few done then.

My newest obsession doesn't hurt my hand like hand sewing does, thankfully. Here's what my Gaia shawl looks like:

It's supposed to be made with Noro yarn, with the stockinette and reverse stockinette sections being triggered by the color changes. Since I don't have color changes, I'm just winging it. I had intended to make this to wear to my cousin's wedding on Nov 14, but quickly realized there's no way I'd get it done in time, especially since I'll need a few days to block it. I decided that the yarn is indeed brown not black. I'm sure it would look fine with my red dress, but there's just no time.

SO, I put that one on hold and found a pattern for a similar style shawl, using bulky weight yarn.

It's not as pretty, and I've decided I really don't like knitting Lion Brand Homespun yarn, but it was cheap and readily available. I guess it looks okay from a distance. And since I have a 3-day weekend coming up, I *might* get it done in time for the wedding. I bought a shrug tonight, just in case....

Everybody loves cat pictures (if not, you can skip to the bottom).

A very relaxed Emma...

...and from a different angle

I did indeed get new fish after I cleaned the aquarium.

"I love the new season of Fish TV!"

"Why can't I get them??"

Here's something you don't see every day!

"Hey, this heated kitty bed is nice! Why didn't I ever try it before?"
"I hate kittens!"

Lizz left a comment asking about my Mermaid sock. I updated that post with a link to the pattern, but it's the Show-Off Stranded Sock, by Anne Campbell.

I'm taking a workshop with Cookie A on Saturday! I'll be sure to post a report.

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