Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catching up

So, what's new?

Let's see, at my house, there's new jewelry.

That's a bracelet, earrings and pendant, all made from recycled aluminum knitting needles, by Sassafras Creations. Aren't they pretty? I lovelovelove them, especially the bracelet. It's so light, I don't even know I'm wearing it. It gave me an idea for a new project, but I need some help with it, so more on that next month.

I've been working on my socks. Here are the Laughing Matter socks.

I'm not quite to the heels yet, but I'm getting close. And third time's a charm with my Sinuosity by the Sea socks.

I started them with size 2, 1.5 and now size 1 needles. I sure hope they fit! I've finished the ribbing, chart A (4 rows) and two and a half rows of chart B (12 row repeat). It's hard to tell from the picture, but the pattern is starting to show a bit. It's a slow knit for me, since I can't do cables without a cable needle. Someone showed me at knit night a couple of weeks ago and it made perfect sense at the time. I haven't mastered that particular skill yet, so I'm still using a cable needle. Work is going to be extremely crazy over the next couple of weeks, so don't expect too much progress till mid-April.

Last night I went to an Uppercase Living project night again. I made another lamp like this one that I made back in December.

John took the first one for a nightlight, so I made a matching one. I also put together a set of coasters, but the embellishments were the wrong size, so there's another set on order. We did make and take projects, too. Here's mine:

It says "Create". I actually decorated the back of the thing, but that's okay. I also brought a few things home to decorate my laptop.

It's all girlie now. :)

I usually include a cat picture, but today you get a different furry creature. This little guy lives outside the cafeteria at one of my work sites.

"Can I have another peanut? Please?"

My friend and I were out there this afternoon and saw him. I think one of the guys said his name is Curly. Katie gave him a couple of peanuts and he stood on the ledge by the door looking in. When we didn't give him any more, he came down to the end of the table where she was sitting and stared in the window at her. It was pretty funny. He's an aggressive little beast, though. Another squirrel jumped up on the ledge and Curly chased it away.

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