Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You might recall my friends and I made a couple of quilts for some twins last year. The babies have grown up a bit since then:

Henry and Jack

They're in town for the week and we went to the Akron Zoo today. Here they are with Mom and Dad in the train.

That's a small caboose!

They have some pretty cool pillars in garden area at the zoo:

Rumor has it they light up at night

We rode the carousel.

Marjorie and Julie

And this scene looked vaguely familiar to me.

I have no idea why.....

"Mama! There's a kitten on me! But she's kinda warm and the A/C is on...."

In crafty news, I've made progress on my two sets of twin socks.

Karira socks

Plain socks - my camera doesn't photograph purple very well

And guess what I finished?

Julie's head, Big Blue (top only) and me

Now I just have to get a backing made before my next guild meeting so I can give it to the machine quilter. Yay!!!!

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Sarah said...

Big Blue is beautiful! Nice job. And I like the lion cat pictures :-) Sorry we missed the zoo - looks fun!