Friday, June 5, 2009

Random stuff and cuteness!

This morning I got up for work and my (leaky) garage roof looked like this.

Nice, eh?

I went to work and looked out one of the windows and saw this [apologies for the crappy cell phone picture taken out of a dirty office window]:

I have no idea who's office that is, but I keep waiting for the avalanche of papers to come crashing off the desk.

After a fairly busy, but educational day, I came home. My garage roof now looks like this:

Woo hoo! Hopefully it doesn't leak now. :)

Now for the cuteness. Remember all those knitty/quilty goodies we sent to our friends with the new twins a few months ago? Well not too long after the goodies were received, the proud parents posted some pictures of the boys with their stuff. They gave me permission to post some of the pictures here.

Henry and Jack in the blue hats on the clock quilt

"We have to grow into these ones!"

"I-spy quilt - SCORE!!"

Apparently they reach out for each other like that a lot. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've every heard?? I'm sure they've changed a bit since these pictures were taken. Hint, hint, Mom and Dad....

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