Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flora and fauna

No fiber content here at all today, but I thought I'd share some other pictures with you.

I am notoriously bad at keeping plants alive. So when I saw this, I mentioned it to a co-worker of mine who promptly ordered three of them.

A plant I can't kill!!! Awesome! The contents of the box:

Everything rinsed and assembled:

After one hour:

After two hours:

When I left for the day Monday:

Yesterday morning when I got to work:

It looks more or less the same today. Pretty cool, huh? We'll see how long it lasts. The worst I can do is maybe over water it? Who knows

And now for the fauna. This little guy has been waiting for me on my garage the last two nights when I've come home.

I've named him George. Why George? Because that's what my late grandfather (aka Pappy) used to call his grandchildren. All of us. Even the girls. No one in the family, that I know of, is actually named George. :)

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