Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vacation, Day 3

This week is just flying by. Precious few new accomplishments here. I finished the green washcloth and started the next-to-last one I'll be making for a while. I'm thinking of casting on my felted clogs, too, since the weather is so nasty and gloomy here.

Yesterday I was working on the green washcloth, and running errands. Today we went to see John's mom and 99-year-old great aunt, then we went out to dinner. I've been catching up on some blogs, etc. Tomorrow I have to get my hair done, and tomorrow evening is my Dear Jane group. Not that I've done anything at all with Dear Jane since May. Well, I might have done a little hand work at the August DJ meeting. Nothing major, though.

The only other exciting thing that happened today was that I got the yarn I ordered last week:

That's two balls (2 pairs) of Bernat Sox in Hippi Hot and Wooded Denim; three hanks of Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light in Prune Mix (I'll say it again -- pretty color, AWFUL name); and six balls (3 pairs) of Red Heart Heart and sole in Toasted Almond, Rustica, and Spring Stripe. I didn't realize that the Bernat sock yarn is acrylic and nylon. The Red Heart is superwash wool and nylon. Ultra Alpaca is and alpaca/wool blend. That will be something lacey. The sock yarn will be, well, socks. I sure hope I like knitting socks! I should probably try knitting some one of these days. I'd like to get the washcloths done first, though. So many projects, so little time.

Max just liked the box the yarn came in.

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