Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mr. Stinky

For most of the summer, we have been aware of a certain odiferous resident in the neighborhood. There's nothing quite like "Eau de Pepe Le Pew" to clear your sinuses on a summer evening. :-(

It was warm tonight, so I opened the front door and heard some rustling outside. There was Mr. Stinky himself, digging for something (worms? grubs?) in my front yard. He is an odd-looking skunk - no stripes. Instead, he's nearly all black, with white only on his head and the tip of his tail. It was dark out, so I didn't get a picture. I've heard it's bad luck to startle a skunk....

In crafty news, I got the binding sewn on the last two baby blankets, finally:

And remember this scarf?

It now looks like this:

So does the second ball of that yarn. They are destined for a charity somewhere. I just haven't figured out which one.

Speaking of charities, I embroidered names on some more pillowcases for the local children's home over the weekend. And I'm pretty sure these are going to Providence House, if I can actually talk to someone there soon. I tried sending email, but it bounced.

My primary sewing machine is in the shop, so not much sewing will be done over the next week or so. A woman at work just commissioned me to make a block for her father-in-law's quilt, so depending on when she needs the block, I might have to pull out the traveling machine and use it.

Finally, I have been (wrongly) accused of playing favorites among my cats. Can I help it if Emma, Max and Blue are around more often doing odd things? To quell these awful rumors, here's a picture of Runt, Blanket Tester Extraordinaire:

"Mama, I think there's a pea under here."

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S said...

I thought the title was going to be referring to one of the cats...