Monday, October 6, 2008

What a pathetic showing....

It's Monday again. I just had a whole week off, and next to nothing to show for it. I had such great intentions, too.

Since my last post, I got my hair colored and cut (gotta cover the gray, dontcha know), and went to my Dear Jane Meeting, where I looked through knitting books and worked on the pink washcloth (aka Pinkie)instead of working on Dear Jane blocks. Again.

Friday I realized I'd screwed up and had to rip back a few rows. I'm sure they were the rows I was working on while I was talking to the ladies at the meeting. I kept working on it off and on over the weekend and here's the current state of Pinkie (about half done):

I had plans to work on my felted clogs, but someone-who-shall-remain-nameless was pouting a bit that I hadn't used my fancy new knitting needles. Since the size 8s weren't available when he ordered, I got sizes 13 and 15. Therefore, I had to find a project that could be knit on those. So I made this 15-stitch mistake rib scarf on the 15s, using a ball of Wool Ease Thick and Quick that came in a Learn-to-Knit kit I bought months ago.

I knit till I ran out of yarn on that ball. I'd thought about sending it to the Red Scarf Project, but it's not long enough. I have another ball of that yarn, and I suppose I could try to add on to it, but I'm not going to. I'll probably just make a narrower garter stitch scarf out of 2nd ball and see if it's long enough. If not, I'll save both of them for some other charity purpose.

So that was my Friday. I can't tell you what I did on Saturday, aside from running errands and working on Pinkie. Saturday night I got as far as casting on the felted clogs, but that's it. There's no picture, since there's no point in showing you 51 stitches of double-stranded worsted weight purple yarn.

Yesterday was spent helping John scrape the foundation of my house. He'd scraped the back and started painting on Tuesday, but then it rained. So yesterday he finished painting the back, then I went out and helped him scrape one side. While he painted that, I scraped the other side and the little bit of the front that you can actually see. I'm not sure we'll bother with the area behind the ginormous rhododendron. It would next to impossible to get to and you can't see it anyway. He finished the one side and the front bits before it started getting cold and dark. I just hope the weather holds for a little while so he has time to finish the last side. No picture, but imagine a concrete block foundation with glass block windows. Now picture it with a fresh coat of light grey paint. Good enough.

Oh, the exciting news today? I won a book from Crazy Aunt Purl!! Last week she was giving away copies of The Green Beauty Guide, and I was one of them! In honor Crazy Aunt Purl, I give you these cat pictures:

Those are my boys in their favorite positions/locations. Yes, Max actually sits like that on a regular basis. He is not in the middle of a bath, as you'd expect. It doesn't look comfortable at all, but he enjoys it. All he needs is a remote and beer..... ;-) Blue just loves to be in the same room I'm in, and the tall bookcases are one of his favorite places when I'm on the computer. Emma likes it up there too, when she's not on my lap or laying on the mouse pad.

Finally, a cautionary note. If you are a knitter with cats, you might want make sure you close the sewing room door and/or keep your yarn in cat-resistant containers:

Just sayin'....

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S said... were lucky yesterday that I DIDN'T post the picture of the yarn-filled cat barf. And I hear he was climbing the shelf last night after I went to bed to try to get to my knitting. The other one just goes for the fresh loaf of bread cooling on the counter...