Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last post of 2008

Well another year's gone by already. I must be getting old, because it doesn't seem that long ago that I started this blog. I started it to share pictures of my Dear Jane blocks, and that project has fallen by the wayside, especially since I started knitting. My current numbers for Dear Jane are 64-21-1-1957 (that's blocks-triangles-corners-pieces). One of the blocks and one of the triangles needs to be re-done because I made them with the wrong fabrics. Not that anyone but me would *know* they're the wrong fabrics, but I plan to re-do them anyway. Last year's resolution was to do a block and a triangle every week, all year. HA! This year, I'd like to accomplish the following, quilt-wise:
  • Get to the halfway mark on Dear Jane: 85-26-2-???? (don't know how many piece that will be)
  • Finish Big Blue, which was the 1997 Quilt for a Cure
As for knitting, I'd like to
  • Finish my first pair of socks
  • Finish the remaining stealth project by the end of February
  • Finish my felted clogs
  • Make at least one felted cat bed
  • Knit something in lace, possibly with beads
That seems pretty realistic, doesn't it? Here's the progress on the first sock:

I turned the heel today!! It didn't make sense till I started doing it, but once I started doing it, I got it. It's hard to tell in the picture, but on the left side, there's a little cup that your heel fits into. Pretty cool! Next I'll pick up stitches from somewhere and attach the front of the sock to the heel. I have a sock knitting reference book, which I'll definitely be referring to when I start working on that.

Do you remember my Booga Bag? I finally felted it over the weekend. Here are before and after pictures:

Big difference, huh? I wish I'd made it a bit taller, but oh well.... If you notice, there's a hump in the bottom edge of the bag:

For some reason that ring of colors didn't felt as much as the others. I'm going to try to re-felt it, by hand if I have to, to try to even it out. I also need to find something to put in it to block it into the shape I want.

In feline news, the cats are no longer content just taking the leg lamp off the tree. Someone (we think it's Runt again) has been climbing the tree and dislodging branches:

The this second picture shows one branch out of place, about 3-1/2" up the tree. The other day we woke up and there were branches pulled out in several places at multiple heights. The star is completely crooked and won't stand up straight anymore.

Do we have to take the tree down tomorrow?

Be careful out there partying tonight! We're staying in, as usual. The weather was pretty crummy today (after being in the mid-60s on Saturday), so it's just as well. More tomorrow or Friday.....

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