Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Six Million Dollar Cat

Okay, it didn't cost quite that much, but this is the face of a kitty who is very happy to home!

It turns out he didn't eat anything after all. What they saw in the x-ray wasn't a foreign object, but a thickening of his small intestine. He had surgery yesterday and they took a biopsy of the inflamed area. The theory right now is that it's Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which we can treat with a different diet and medication.

He was in the hospital for three days and hid most of the time he was in there,burrowing under his blanket. He really objected to the I.V. fluids they were giving him, I guess. Poor little guy. He's completely laid back with us, but he doesn't like strangers. They had to force fed him because he wouldn't eat there. As soon as I brought him home, he tried to eat Max's food, which is forbidden. He gets only canned green peas and duck food for the time being. Plus a whole menu of medicines and supplements of course. He needs to eat small amounts every 1-2 hours so my boss agreed to let me work from home tomorrow so I can take care of him.

Despite the 10 staples in his belly, he's ready to play.

This is the goal for the next few days, though. I might have to lock him in that kitty carrier, since he's already tried to jump up on the table. :(

There's no place like home!

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