Monday, June 15, 2009

The knife

A lot of people have asked about the knife that maimed me, so I thought I'd show it to you.

Nice, huh? It's really sharp. My friend K asked if I threw away the knife. Heck no -- that's an $80 knife!! I used it tonight, actually. It might have acquired a taste for blood, though. As I was washing it and putting it it the dish rack to dry, I poked myself. It didn't break the skin, thankfully.

Since I can't take the dressing off my foot till Wednesday (can't wait!!!), and I was going back into the Arctic climate of my over-air-conditioned office this week, I made a couple of cast socks to keep my tootsies warm.

The one on the left I knit using this pattern, without the color changes and in the round. The one on the right was a quickie I sewed from the hem of an old polo shirt. I used the knit one today and worked really well. However, I might not get a chance to use the other one. I found out today that I need a return to work authorization from the doctor's office to go back to work. Technically, I wasn't even allowed to work from home on Friday, and I guess they could have sent me home today. They told me not to come back till I get the note. I've left several messages with the doctor's office, but the woman I left the messages for won't call me back. Should be interesting....

I'm in the home stretch on my second toe-up sock.

I put a lifeline in before I started the heel and you can kind of see it in the picture. I'll be taking it out soon, since this heel looks no worse than the last one. It doesn't look much better, but it's no worse. :)

In cat news, 4 out of 5 cats came to see their grandparents when my parents came to visit this weekend. Blue had to be bribed at first with kitty treats, but once he had a couple, he was happy and let them pet him. Runt was the lone holdout - she hid for two hours after they left. Usually they come out within half an hour after strangers leave. I wonder if being at the vet's office for several days helped get Blue accustomed to people other people.

Also, it seems Blue's cortisone shot has worn off. The good news is that since it kept him from getting sick for 5 weeks, we're pretty sure he has IBD. The bad news is that he apparently has IBD. As soon as I get to the vet's office to pick up his medicine, we'll start giving him prednisone pills daily, and play with the dosage over time to see what the minimum amount is that will keep his tummy happy.

He and I have been playing fetch a lot lately. His favorite fetch object is a currently green fuzzy mouse. When I got home from work, it was in his kitty tunnel, where he tends to sleep when he's not feeling his best. I didn't get a picture of the mouse before he moved it, so I'll post this one that I took a few weeks ago.

I really don't think the kitty hammock was weight-rated for 40+ pounds of cat. I also didn't think they'd all fit in there, but where there's a will, there's a way.

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