Monday, June 8, 2009

Things I've learned the hard way

I've learned a few things the hard way over the years. Never use a rotary cutter after 11p.m. [I have the scars to prove it]. Always use the little handle thingy on the kitchen slicer [ditto]. Always go to the doctor if you think you have a urinary tract infection, even if it seems like it's going away [being in ICU with a blood infection sucks].

I have a new one -- Never leave a very large, sharp knife on a slippery cutting board on the kitchen counter. I spent several hours at the ER yesterday after said knife was knocked off the counter (by me) and onto my (bare, of course) left foot. The good news - the physician's assistant who stitched me up is a quilter. The bad news, despite having numbing gel applied 3 times, my foot was NOT NUMB. Thank goodness it was only 2 stitches. She offered to let have them put more goo on it, but since she was already half done, I just let her go on without it. She let me keep the tools, which should come in handy with my crafty stuff.

I was concerned about my big toe, which I could no longer lift up, and was now curling under. They referred me to a orthopedic specialist. I saw him today and he said I cut/tore the tendon that flexes my big toe. I could leave it alone but I'd never be able to lift my big toe again. I decided I'd like to be able to move my toe, so I'll be having surgery tomorrow morning to fix the tendon. Yippee.

On the bright side, all this sitting and waiting has done good things for my second toe-up sock....

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