Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kitty Cat Laws of Physics

You might be familiar with the Cartoon Laws of Physics, which are quite different from the laws of physics that the rest of us follow.

I suggest that there are Kitty Cat Laws of Physics. The main points are that A) a cat body at rest will gain mass the longer it is at rest and B) it will molecularly bond to the surface it is resting on. Here's why I believe this. This cat weighs no more than 10 pounds:

Normally she's pretty jumpy and moves at smallest noise or movement. However, once she settles herself on the bed at night, she becomes nearly immovable. You practically have to pick her up and throw her off the bed. And somehow, she finds the perfect location for preventing the human(s) from getting comfortable. Also? She steals the covers.

Fortunately for her, she's also very cute.

I think I mentioned that I spent the first day of the new year in my sewing room attempting to organize my beads, and getting distracted in the process. It continues....

Blue beads on navy wire with silver spacer beads and coordinating (but not matching) earrings

Blue and turquoise beads with gold beads and bead caps and matching earrings

More stitch markers (!)

I mostly made all that stuff because I didn't want to store the beads anymore. As is it, I still have more beads than fit in my rather large bead box, so I now have a large bead box with many organizers in it, a smaller box with more organizers in it and another separate organizer. I don't need any more beads.

Or beaded ornament kits:

I made four each of these which are 6-8" long or so. They're bigger than I imagined when I ordered them (even though the dimensions were listed). I kept two each of the straight ones, and one each of the ones with the stars. I kept all of the blue ones, because I like them even though they're big.

Sad thing? I still have a whole tray of various beaded ornament kits in a different craft box. I can't seem to stop...

In other news, I can now blog one of my stealth knitting projects - fingerless mitts!

They are the Keep Me Warm Mitts in Queensland Merino Spray yarn in the lime colorway. The recipient loved them. She works in a data center and is always cold. Which is why I thought they'd be a perfect project for her. I also made her this 2-strand bracelet:

I was less excited about this part of the gift. I made it mostly because I liked the silver and crystal beads and knew she'd love the color. This was my 3rd or 4th attempt to get the two strands the same length. It was a lot harder than it seemed like it should be. I told her she was welcome to take it apart and re-do it, or scrap the whole thing altogether and use the beads for something else. She was very nice and said it looked fine.

For a change of pace, a (crappy cell phone) dog picture:

My friend, Buddy

That's Buddy, my friend Beth's Doberman. I went to her house to bake cookies before Christmas. She let Buddy out, then I let him in and gave him a treat. After that, I was his best friend. He's a really good, gentle dog.

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S said...

She's gorgeous and definitely needs a belly rub. The ornaments are really beautiful. A tree full of those would be absolutely stunning.