Thursday, January 21, 2010

More finished stuff

News flash - I actually used my sewing machine the other night! I finished these two April Bags, which I had cut out several months ago:

Outside view

Inside view

As is frequently the case, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these. I often make things for the pleasure of creating them (see the baby blanket posts from September 2008 for proof). I bought the fabric at the NEORQC Getaway a couple of years ago for machine quilting practice and only used part of it. Since I don't drink coffee, it's kinda silly for me to use these as project bags. I do have an idea of what to do with them, but we'll see how that turns out.

I finished the Homespun shawl.

That's Lion Brand's Splendid Triangle Shawl in black Homespun yarn. It was a pretty easy knit. I apparently have issues keeping the right number of stitches, though. I kept ending up with the wrong number on one side or the other. The yarn is bumpy enough that you can't see individual stitches very well, so finding and fixing the problem wasn't very easy. I fudged instead. I can't tell where I did it, so I'm calling it fine.

Speaking of shawls, if you recall, I start a Gaia shawl before this one. This is as far as I got:

It was designed for Noro sock yarn, and you change stitch patterns when the color changes. Clearly, I'm not using Noro sock yarn here, so the pattern changes were going to be more or less random. I have a ball of Noro and no intentions of putting that stuff on my feet (makes my skin crawl thinking about it). I'm going to frog this and use the Noro for a Gaia instead. Eventually. This yarn, which is from the KnitWitch will become and Argus Shawlette instead. Eventually.

[BTW, through the end of January, Wendy of is donating 50% of her profits from Ravelry pattern sales to Doctors Without Borders. Just in case you need any patterns for anything.]

Meanwhile, I'm going get back to work on some socks. There was an entry on the Yarn Harlot's Never Not Knitting 2010 calendar a couple of weeks ago about making your own sock of the month club. The idea is that you dig through your stash, match yarn and patterns, put each project in a baggie and put all the baggies in another bag. At the beginning of the month, you pull one out and make it. Here are my 11 kits:

Why only 11, you might ask? Because I'm still working on my Mermaid socks and it's already past the middle of the month. No current picture of that, but I can tell you that I just did the first round for the gusset on sock one. I might have also joined the Rockin' Sock Club this year. And I signed up for a mystery sock class at the LYS.

Now, I'm not crazy enough to think I'll actually knit 19 pairs of socks this year. I *do* have other projects to work on and complete. But I figure I'll have at least 2 years of sock knitting ready to go. And I haven't even made a dent in the sock yarn stash. Must knit faster!!!

Crazy-eyed cat picture:

"The heat is on...."

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Sourire11 said...

I love the sock a month idea! Can't wait to see what they all become!