Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knitters Without Borders

Just a quickie - if you're a knitter and have donated to Doctors Without Borders recently, please let the Yarn Harlot know how much you gave at kwbATyarnharlotDOTca. She's keeping track of donations and last I heard she'd added about $46,000 (yes, forty six THOUSAND dollars) to her previous running total since about noon yesterday. And she's still counting.

I've been looking at pictures on and I just can't get my head around the devastation in Haiti.

If you haven't donated, I'll join everyone else and encourage you to do so. It doesn't have to be a large amount, every little bit helps. If you prefer to donate to another charity, that's great, too. The Yarn Harlot's only counting the Doctors Without Borders donations, but there are lots of others.

Just be careful of the scammers. It disgusts me that there are people out there looking to make a buck off people who want to help others. They should be airlifted directly to Haiti and dropped off. Parachutes optional.

The Red Cross and your cellular providers are making it easy. If you text the word "Haiti" to the number 90999, they'll add $10 to your cell phone bill, send it to the Red Cross and (probably) not charge you for the text message. They've raised over $5 million that way so far.

"I'd donate if I could."

[I'll be back to my regularly scheduled nonsense next time.]

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