Saturday, January 30, 2010


WARNING: Rockin' Sock Club quasi-spoiler ahead.

I think I have a problem. Clearly I don't need anymore sock yarn, based on the fact that I made up 11 sock kits the week before last and I still have a big plastic tote in the basement full of sock yarn and an overflow bag on top of it. So I guess I should explain this:

Shibui sock yarn

And this:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, 3 pairs worth

I bought the Shibui for a mystery sock class that I was supposed to take at the LYS today. They didn't get enough people signed up to bring the teacher up from Columbus, so the class was rescheduled to Feb 21.

The STR is a little harder to explain. Two of those were ordered not long after I decided I didn't need any more sock yarn. In my defense, one of those two is the Doctors Without Borders colorway, so a whole $3 went to a good cause. And since I was ordering, I figured it couldn't hurt to get some Christmas-y yarn (Jingle Bell Rock). The last one is the January Rockin' Sock club yarn, which since it was already ordered before I made up the other kits, doesn't really count. Right?

After I took the picture of my sock kits, I changed one of them and added another, so I think that brings my total to an "even" baker's dozen (aka 13) sock kits in-house, with 5 more to come later this year. I'm still working, very slowly, on the Mermaid sock:

I'm almost done with the gusset increases. Then on to the heel, foot and toe. Then I get to start all over again.

Further hampering my future sock-knitting progress it the fact that the LYS is doing a February Lady sweater class. I haven't gone stash-diving yet, but I'm *sure* I have yarn for it. If I do, I'll probably go ahead and sign up. My friend said the people in her knitting group didn't like this pattern, but I never found out (or don't remember) why. The shop owner and another customer were each wearing one, so they must not have hated it. And it's knitting. Worst case, I frog the whole thing and make something else.

While I had the swift and winder out for the sock yarn, I wound this yarn that I got before Christmas:

It's made of banana fiber (from the tree, I guess). I'm not sure I'm looking forward to knitting this yarn. It had a very odd texture and did NOT wind easily. That explains why the darker one is in two pieces. The lighter one is in 3 pieces for a different reason, I think....

Last week I had the sewing room open, but I was in the living room, minding my own business. All of a sudden, one of the cats came tearing through, with a plastic bag caught around it's neck. The cat was moving so fast, I honestly don't know which one it was, and it managed to free him/herself without my help. The bag in question was the one the banana yarn was in. My guess is, the culprit has his/her head in the bag, chewing on the yarn when he/she was startled by one of the other cats, and ended up stuck in the bag.

While I was at the LYS picking out my yarn for the ill-fated class, I picked this up and it had to come home with me.

The Fibre Company's Road to China

OMG!! This is the softest yarn I've ever touched! It's 65% baby alpaca, 15% silk, 10% cashmere and 10% camel. The shop owner bought out the whole supply of discontinued colors that the sales rep. had. This is light amethyst. It's destined to be a pair of wrist warmers. Either Fetching, or these. Maybe a pair of each, since I have 2 hanks. :)

In other news, I had help in the kitchen this morning:

"I like eggs, Mama. Can I have some?"

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Monica said...

hey connie which shop is having the mystery sock class? Also, I love your kitty pictures - this one is great!