Monday, February 15, 2010

A weak start

I seem to have cheated on the Knitting Olympics. It turns out I'm an idiot who can't figure out time differences, even though I have friends on the left coast and know that they are 3 hours *behind* not 3 hours *ahead* of us. So I cast on that second sock at least 6 hours earlier than I should have. But I didn't work on it much on Saturday and not at all on Sunday, so it's not like it gave me an advantage or anything. Here's it's current state:

Pathetic, isn't is?

I could say I'm pacing myself, but the truth is I'm lazy and have a touch of Second Sock Syndrome on this pair. There are 8 more lunch hours, three knit nights, a women's club meeting, a few weekend days, and at least 4 hours of car maintenance between now and closing ceremonies. I'm not worried yet. For a little extra drama, my mystery sock class is on Sunday, though, so that could tempt me away from the Mermaid.

I wasn't a complete slug over the weekend, though. I cleaned up the fabric explosion in my sewing room and made this:

That's the quilt top for my NEORQC Getaway class. It's not really a quilt top, since it's not going to be quilted. This is the base for a boatload of beading and it will be mounted on stretcher bars and put in a frame when it's done. I used fabrics from 3 other quilts so it will coordinate when I use them. I'm looking forward to the class. I just hope my hand holds out. I'll take one of my support gloves with me and if it starts bothering me, I'll take a break. I might also take some preemptive ibuprofen therapy beforehand.

Emma keeps trying to tell us that she hates the "kittens" (who are now 2 years old). It's really hard to believe her when she does this:

"Why does Princess CrabbyPants have her head in my belly??"

PS. Sock kit count now stands at 23. There are too many nice patterns out there! I'll be taking one "kit" out for class on Sunday. I wonder how many will take it's place??

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