Sunday, February 28, 2010

NEORQC Getaway 2010

This weekend was the annual NEORQC Getaway. I came home and counted my pins - I've been to twelve of these weekends away so far. Time sure flies....

This year I took the Glorious Beading class, taught by one of my fellow guild members, Jean Bailey. The idea was to learn how to embellish your projects with beads. Here are a couple of her samples.

An example of a quilted piece with beads

A close-up of the lizard which isn't attached, completely covered with beads

Jean did a lot of prep work for the class. She made us all matching nametags. Here's a blurry picture of mine:

She also probably spent days making up little packages of various beads in all different colors for us to use. There were only four students in the class and we were probably the quietest group of all. But we were just too busy concentrating on our projects to make a lot of noise. Wanna see them?

Deb's, made with a bunch of bridal fabrics. The rectangles at the top are a couple of artist trading cards Jean made for us to practice on. The one on the bottom was her sample/practice piece.

Cheryl's, with fish and lizards. I love the bubble-looking beads with the fish. She had another quilted piece that she was working on, but I forgot to get a picture of it.

Bonnie made hers like a traditional crazy quilt, with velvets, silks, satins and other fancy fabrics. I think she got the most done on her quilt blocks.

And finally, here's mine:

I'm going to add more beading along the seam lines of the top block. Also, I'm going to do more with the dragonflies and add more beads and/or dragonflies in the background. When it's done, I'll mount it on stretcher bars, possibly frame it, and hang it somewhere.

I came home with more stuff than I left with, as usual. Clockwise from the top left, a bag kit with a big button that I plan to add some beady goodness to, the beads that I got from Jean and other stuff from class, a black and white panel that I thought was cool, some beads and floss I got from Sue Spargo, one of the other teachers. and another piece of fabric that I liked.

No, I don't have any immediate plans for any of this

And here we have a pattern and handles for a bag designed by Jean, some overdyed purl cotton and, um, some sock yarn from the Knit Shop in Aurora. Well, I had to go there since it was only a mile or so down the road. I see new sock kits in my future.

The purpley-blue yarn is a blend of wool, nylon, silk and cashmere - YUMMY!

Last weekend, John put some kitty treats in an empty (and clean) pill bottle to see if the cats could get them out:

"Hey, we smell treats!!"

Emma pretty quickly lost interest.

Sock update later this week.

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