Monday, May 26, 2008

A Better Week

This past week (May17-25) was a huge improvement over the previous two. My coworker came back from medical leave and on Tuesday we FINALLY turned over those 2-weeks-late servers to the DBA team. WooHoo!!

Wednesday night I finished quilting the Billiards quilt. Have I mentioned that John wanted 2 layers of batting in there? Have I mentioned that my Pfaff 2056, while a wonderful machine, did not like a quilt with 2 layers of batting? It was just too much to fit under the machine. I had to swap it out for my Janome 1600P, which I bought for my NewJoy Gold Standard quilting frame back in 2005. It has ~9" between the needle and the side of the machine (vs ~6.5" on the Pfaff). I had never used the Janome, but it worked great on the 2 layers of batting. I won't lie -- there are some puckers in there, on both sides. But if you think my anal-retentiveness will get the better of me, you can think again. Nope. It's staying the way it is. John won't care, and once I wash it, the batting will shrink up a bit and nobody will ever know the difference.

Thursday night I got to sew with the girls from work, and I worked on a stealth knitting project, which I was really happy with, till I realized I dropped a stitch about 1/3 of the way in. Since I had no idea how to correct that, I decided to start over. Not a big deal, really. I have some time to finish it, and I enjoy the knitting process. I think I'm a process knitter and a project quilter. Does that make any sense at all?? I didn't think so. Anyway, I'll start over on that once I get the pool quilt finished. Which will hopefully be today.

Friday was the day before the holiday weekend, so we were allowed to leave work at 3:00. The rib cook-off is across the street from my office (sort of) and it was free admission on Friday till 4, so we went there to get some food. I had a Johnson's BBQ pork sandwich with baked beans and coleslaw. Really yummy, and slightly less messy than ribs. Afterwards, we went on this:

That's the Jeep test track that we'd been watching them assemble since Wednesday from a window in our office. That hill is a *lot* steeper when you're in a car than it looks from 15+ stories up. That rectangular thing in front of the hill is bumpier than your worst set of railroad tracks. It might have been a good idea to take the test ride *before* we ate..... :)

Saturday I got the label done for the pool quilt, sewed the binding on the front, trimmed it and I've been doing the handwork as my poor wrists and hands will allow. I'm almost done. Hopefully today....

I don't have pictures of that, but here are the Dear Jane blocks and triangles from 3 weeks ago:

I haven't done any DJ blocks since then, but hopefully this week I'll get back to them. When I'm not knitting, that is. :)

I hear a binding calling me.....

Happy Memorial Day!

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