Saturday, May 3, 2008

UFO Camp

No, not aliens, UnFinished Objects. Once or twice a year I go with a group of ladies from my quilt guild down to a Christian camp in Holmes County, OH, to work on our quilt projects. The weather in Cleveland was nasty when we left, but it was sunny and warm when we got here yesterday afternoon. Today, it's not so warm, and not so sunny:

It's a really good day to stay in and sew!! As of bedtime last night, I'd made a pillowcase to go with the billiards quilt:

I have fabric to make the reverse of this (dark blue for the main body and the print on the edge), but I just bought the blue, so I have to wash it first. I'd do it here, but the water is a bit on the rusty side, so it'll have to wait. I also finished a Dear Jane triangle that was mostly done when I got here, and two new Dear Jane blocks. I'll post those when I get home and can scan them like the others.

Right now I'm working on the 3 "Big Blue" blocks I brought with me. That quilt will go wonderfully in my living room when it's done, but it's taking me forever to finish it because I hate set-in seams. I'll post pictures when I get them done today.

Here are a couple of pictures of previous projects that I couldn't post till I gave them to my mom. Reversible placemats:

And fabric napkins from the stash that mostly go with the placemats:

The print on the napkins is kind of hard to see, but they're tiny little red and purple fruits (pears and cherries in shape, if not color) with green leaves on a beige background.

Once of the ladies in my "first of the month" Dear Jane group made one of the grocery bags from the link I posted a week or two ago. It was very nice, and I should have taken a picture, but I didn't have my camera at meeting.

Okay, the first of the two shopping groups just came back, so I have to see what they all bought. more later on....

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monicam said...

Connie, the placemats and napkins are very nice....I love the fabric.