Saturday, May 3, 2008

UFO Camp, Saturday Night

Well the sun did make a brief appearance at camp this afternoon, so I took a few outdoor shots during a stitching break.

Here's a view similar to the one earlier, but sunny:

Plus some vegetation:

And this is the gazebo and the retreat center where we're actually staying:

I finished the 3 Big Blue blocks I brought with me. Here's a representative:

I now have 11 of the 20 blocks done. Since I'm past the halfway mark, maybe I'll get motivated to finish the darned thing when I get home. Yeah, right. When it finally gets done, it will look like this.

I finished 3 more Dear Jane blocks tonight, too, bringing my totals to 63 blocks, 20 triangles, 1 corner and 1946 pieces. I'll post those tomorrow or Monday when I get home and scan them in.

I also learned a long tail knitting cast-on and started a dish cloth today. No pictures of that, since I only have 3 rows knit and there's really not much to see.

Tomorrow I'll work on more Dear Jane blocks and triangles, and take pictures of some of the projects other people are working on. But now it's bedtime!!

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