Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NOT a Good Week

This is not a good week. I work with computers and as much as they seem logical, they really, really are not. They are emotional and vindictive. They *know* when their "person" is gone and that's when they misbehave. One of the guys at work had surgery on Monday. Sometime while he was under the knife, one of the servers he takes care of decided to lose some memory. I am his secondary, but I don't know anywhere near as much as he does about this system because he tends to take care of anything that goes wrong.

The system is still running, thank goodness. But they're still running the month-end cycle because of problems they had over the weekend (when the servers knew D. was getting ready to leave them), so I get to swap out the memory at 9pm Saturday night. It's a good thing I'm a homebody who rarely has weekend plans.

Then yesterday I started to not feel so hot. I came home from work and in the process of cleaning the kitty fountains (yes, I have 2 automatic fountains for my cats), slipped on some spilled water and whacked my head on the kitchen counter. If I hadn't put my hand out to cushion the impact, I'd have some really nice stitches over my left eye right now. Still hurts, but at least it's not bruised. Yet. I might have avoided the blue and purple, but with the way this week is going, I'll get the green and yellow later on.

This morning, my throat and head were both killing me, but since D. is out and I'm the secondary, I drag myself to work, hoping to leave early. But no. The Evil Servers have other ideas. One of my servers crashed mid-morning and refused to come back up. I'll spare you the boring details of the service call and endless reboots. I got home from work around 7:30 pm. My server is up and I didn't have to rebuild the OS or anything, so I'm thankful for small miracles.

I still haven't scanned my Dear Jane blocks and triangles, so I'm posting pictures of other peoples' projects from UFO Camp. I didn't get pictures of everything everyone was working on, but here are a few:

Since my last post, I finished the scarf and got a few more rows done on my dishcloth:

I've noticed that I need to pay close attention to the cotton yarn. I have a tendency to catch the stitches below the one I want, so there are some holes in the dishcloth. You might not notice in the picture, but I know they're there.


P.S. I had to upload that last picture THREE TIMES before it showed up the right orientation. See? Not a good week.

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