Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ADD, Anyone?

The Yarn Harlot calls it "Startitis". You might call it having a very short attention span. A behaviorist, psychologist, or John would probably call it ADD. Whatever you call it, I have a hard time staying focused on one project at a time.

For example, I started Stealth Project 1 (SP1) over a month ago, with an intended deadline. Work and a certain Pool Quilt got in the way of that, so Plan B was used to meet the deadline. SP1 is still unfinished. I started Stealth Project 2 (SP2) a few weeks ago. That also has a deadline - unfinished. But I still have time on that one. Meanwhile, I've started and finished two other projects -- Miss Mousie and the cast sock. Oh, and the pillowcases for the pool quilt.

I more or less stayed on track with the Pool Quilt because I kept hearing "Is my quilt done yet?" every time I went into the sewing room. Ah, motivation. :)

But I digress. This is what I should have been working on tonight:

This is the NASCAR wall-hanging my cousin commissioned from me. It's all of about 25" square. It's already basted. It needs a split sleeve on the back, very minimal quilting and a binding of some sort. I'm trying to decide between using the leftover border fabric or pulling a solid black or very dark blue out of the stash for the binding. I think I have enough of the border and I have no idea what I'd to with the leftover bits anyway - waste not, want not and all that. OTOH, a nice solid might frame it nicely. Thoughts? If you have an opinion, leave a comment or email me. I'll sleep on it, consider the comments, look at the scrap supply, and decide in a day or so. Karen, it might be Monday before I send it.

All in all, not much needs to be done on this. I could have nearly finished it tonight. It would have been another item on the Completed list. But did I work on it tonight? Nope.

Tonight I played with this:

That's the Fiber Trends Felt Clog pattern and the 2 yarns I plan to use to make them, along with the unfelted swatch I knit tonight. It's nearly impossible to tell in the picture, despite my Ott-Lite, but the yarn is Lion Wool Prints in Majestic Mountain (mostly brown, purple and blue with a bit of green thrown in), and Lion Wool solid purple (sorry, Ann), even though it looks for all the world like dark blue on my monitor. The multicolor will be the main color, the purple will be the sole and cuff. I plan to felt the swatch Real Soon Now, just so I know what to expect. I might even weave in the tails first.

My friend Sarah and I are making these "together". Meaning that she's knitting her pair in Massachusetts, and I'm knitting mine in Ohio. We're just going to start them at the same time. I'm sure she'll finish *way* ahead of me, since she's made at least 3 pairs of these already and has been knitting longer than I have. Also, I'm guessing she's less susceptible to Startitis than I am. She would have to be. :)

In my defense, I did spend some quality time this evening on the phone with my brother, who has shingles, and my mom, who is very worried about him.

In case you're wondering, NASCAR doesn't have good odds for getting done tomorrow, either, since it's my Dear Jane meeting night. Hey, maybe I'll finish that block tomorrow. You know, the one that only needs those 2 tiny little melon/leaf appliques put on it. The one that I put the *other* two tiny little melon/leaf appliques on about two months ago. Yeah that one.

No ADD here......

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S said...

Well now I feel guilty for encouraging you to start the clogs ;-) If it makes you feel better, I have a first sock, a second sock, and two at a time socks all going, plus the clogs as of last night. Come to think of it I think there's a suede yarn purse on needles somewhere. I have an Amy Butler portfolio thing going all over the sewing room and a blue furry fleece "Russian" hat prototype that I need to try and Calvin and then make 7 more of (yeah right) by next Saturday when I also have to have the banner for soccer World Cup Day made, which is now draped over the dining room table with felt letters to glue on laying all over. And if you really want to count, I have a book to finish for book club next Tuesday, and I keep having to turn away from it because it is so sad and disturbing. (What is the What by David Eggers)
So yeah, I've got startitis too I guess, but hey, at least we'll eventually have something to show for it, right?