Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One more item done

I finished the baby blanket last night.

I changed it a little from the first layout I posted - I added another row of the flannel scraps, but it's essentially the same. It's double-sided minkee with flannel sewn around the edges on the top, then bound with satin blanket binding. It's not my favorite project, since it doesn't lay completely flat, but it's Done, and Done is Good. I didn't label it because I'm not positive that John will see the father of the baby I have in mind, so it might be "re-gifted" to someone else.

I should have done something with Stealth Project 1 tonight, since it really shouldn't take long to finish, but I didn't. I have a couple of other versions of that project in mind, so I'll probably wait and finish them all up at once. I spent some quality time on the couch with the cats instead. It was nice to have an EmmaCat on my lap for a while.

And an update from my previous post -- I was wrong, the gas bill is due before the next paycheck. OUCH! I was good and walked right past Michael's this evening without going in. I'm making a list of things I'm tempted to buy. At the end of my month, I'll decide if I really want any of it and go from there. Nancy Zieman isn't helping me, though. She sent me a "15% off your next order" coupon in the mail yesterday. It's good through the end of July, though. :)

As for cleanup, I got the filing more or less done. I still have a stack of sorted stuff that needs to make it into the filing cabinet. I shredded 3 bags worth of papers, but that's not all of it. The shredder started complaining, so I gave it a rest. :( The old magazines and catalogs made it to the dumpster at the high school before it rained. I started looking at stuff on the bookshelves to add to the boxes of books to get rid of. I'll probably continue going through books and try to make just one trip to the used bookstore.

But now, it's bedtime....

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S said...

I LOVE the quilt! The second row of squares is perfect, and the dark blue is now scattered nicely and not "interrupting" the row. Nice job!!