Friday, June 27, 2008

The waiting is the hardest part....

Yeah, I can't get that song out of my head, either. Misery loves company! ;-)

I can now reveal Stealth Project 3 -- the Chicken Stitch Markers:

My friend Sarah, who got me into knitting by getting me hooked on the Yarn Harlot, raises chickens. She and her family started out with 17 hens, in assorted varieties, some of which lay blue-green eggs. I'm sure they have more than that now, and they have at least one rooster so they can make more.

Anyway, I was in a bead store last month and saw that chicken bead. I knew Sarah must have it. I was going to make some kind of beaded lanyard thing to clip to her purse/bag/whatever, since my friend Angie had made one for me, only with cat charms on it. Then a few weeks later, I posted about making the millefiori stitch markers. Sarah said she didn't have any stitch markers, so I told her I'd send her some of my extras. CLEARLY the chicken bead had to become a stitch marker, and it needed friends, so those are what I came up. I like these a lot more than I like the ones I made for myself, but since I don't raise chickens, I couldn't keep them. :) I had also picked up the silver "S" bead, but the holes didn't go the right direction, so I made a wine charm instead.

The waiting came this week. I sent the stitch markers, along with some blue and red chicken fabric - no pictures, on Monday. The postal service said the average transit time for a first class package is 1-3 days. I figured OH to MA would take 2 days, tops. Nope. Three days. Three long days wondering if they'd gotten lost/mangled/stolen. Or worse, if she'd gotten them, thought they were hideous and didn't know what to say. :) And since I didn't want to spoil the surprise by asking her about them, I had to wait in silence. In the end, they showed up on Thursday. She sent a note thanking me for them, and I think she really liked them. Yay! Her son thought the wine charm was a stitch marker made from an earring, so she might have to use it that way while he's around. But he has an earlier bedtime than Mom and Dad, so.... :)

Week One of my spending diet is going well. I even went *into* JoAnn Fabrics the other night and didn't buy anything. I did spend some money at a Pampered Chef party last night, but I had already RSVP'd before I started the diet, and felt bad backing out. I went in with a set limit in mind, and with tax & shipping, my total was my limit + $0.58. Not too shabby.

I still have that stack of filing to do, but I shredded another bag of stuff before trash day. Emma is using the stack of stuff left to be shredded to bury her food dish after meals. I guess she's hiding it from the Evil Kittens. Cats are funny people.

Anyway, Happy Friday! I'm going to do some knitting. Stealth Project 2 isn't going to finish itself, after all.

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