Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I had to laugh out loud....

This is part of a conversation one of my co-workers had with his wife on the phone this afternoon:

"I don't mind going to the P-O-O-L. The only problem with going to the P-O-O-L is that it interferes with dinnertime."

[pause while his wife presumably suggests they get something to eat there]

"But I don't want to eat at the P-O-O-L, because the F-O-O-D S-U-C-K-S."

Their kids are 2.5 and 6 or 7, I think. When he got off the phone, I pointed out the that the oldest can surely spell. His response was "Yeah, but he can't spell fast." Too funny! :-)

In other news, it has been suggested to me (Hi, KB!) that my affliction is not "Startitis", it's "Finishitis". I have no problem starting things, it's finishing that's the problem. Good one.

And to prove the point, an update on a few projects. Stealth Project 1 is still unfinished. Haven't touched it. I've made some progress on Stealth Project 2, but I'm starting to think that I might not make the deadline on that one. I DID finish the NASCAR quilt on Sunday. It's in the mail and everything! I felted the swatch I made for my clogs. This is a pretty good representation of the colors:

I ran it through one wash/rinse cycle and it's roughly 4.5" square, which is the right gauge for the project. Woohoo! Now to find time to start the actual project...

New stuff: a couple that we used to work with had a baby over the weekend, so I started making a baby blanket for them. I'm calling it a blanket, because the way I'm making it doesn't really qualify as a quilt. I'm being good and using up flannel scraps from previous projects. I'm going to attempt to sew the strips in a square on a piece of double-sided minkee-type fabric, then add satin blanket binding around the outside. It will look something like this when I'm done:

Looking at the picture, I think the dark blue is a mistake. I added it in to make the strips longer, but that was when I had a different plan for the project. The back will just be plain minkee with the binding around it. What do you think? While I was laying this out, I realized that I have a lot of strips, so even if I take all the dark blue out, I'll probably still have enough strips to make at least 2 of these. That will come in handy for the next baby boy that comes along. I have lots of the minkee stuff, too.

I've been catching up on the Yarn Harlot archives and she was giving away prizes to people who donated to Doctors without Borders and those who participated in the Knitting Olympics. Some of these prizes were pretty beaded stitch markers. While I was at JoAnn Fabrics this afternoon picking up the satin binding, I saw some millefiori glass beads on clearance (well, you didn't really expect me to just go in, get the binding and leave, did you?). I also bought some 10 mm jump rings in silver and gold. When I got home, I dug out my "toy box" as John calls it, and started grabbing beads that go with the ones I just picked up. I came up with a few different options:

I can only hope that picture looks better on your monitor than it does mine. The first one is on a gold head pin. There's a yellow seed bead on the bottom, the millefiori bead, and a rectangular red bead on top. The top bead is a deep red. The second is the same beads on a nickel (silver finish) head pin. Number three has the same seed bead as the first, but with bright red silver-lined round-ish glass bead on the top. The last one has a yellow/gold silver-lined bead on the bottom with the rectangular square bead on top. If you have any opinions, I'd be glad to hear them. I'm going to sleep on it and take a look again tomorrow or Friday.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should get the beads cleaned up (before one of the cats eats them) and go to bed.

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