Thursday, June 5, 2008

That Block

Remember "that block" from my last post?


That brings me to 64 blocks, 21 triangles, 1 corner kite and 1975 pieces. After I finished my block at the meeting tonight, I quit. I had a nice chat with the Dear Jane ladies, though. We talked about hobbies, quilt shops, yarn shops, books, guild politics. It was a good time. But it usually is, no matter how much we do or don't get done.

I went back to look at NASCAR, and I don't have enough of the border fabric to do the binding. So I'm going to take an hour or so this evening to make the sleeve and dig out some binding from the stash. I could have it ready for hand work by bedtime. Then I'd have that and some knitting to take to the cookout (at a knitter/quilter's house) on Saturday. That would be a Good Thing.

Off I go....

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