Saturday, July 19, 2008

The spoils of a company picnic

Every summer my company throws a lunchtime picnic for it's employees. They set up a huge tent on the lawn at the lower campus on the river, with lots of food and a DJ, along with carnival games and live music outside the tent. These people know how to throw a party! The food is always excellent and the games are usually pretty easy to win. Everyone got a free green glass mug, since the company is trying to be more eco-friendly.

This was my total haul for the day, not including the airbrush tattoo - a blue star on my upper arm. Sure hope it comes off soon. :)

The balloon animal is supposed to be a cat, but looks more like a mouse. It's hard to do pointy ears with latex. Everything was fine till a guy from a different group made a comment about the view from the back:

Perhaps the peach color wasn't a good choice. My co-worker, T. got a teddy bear that had a "handle" so it could be stuck through a bird cage that the balloon animal guy had with him. We turned it upside down and.....

The guy in the background is not the one who made the comments, but he was laughing at us girls giggling over and taking pictures of balloon animals.

T. also picked up a mysterious inflatable object which we all thought was a beach ball or something. The mood in the office further deteriorated when she unfolded and inflated this:

We really don't know what it's supposed to be, but I'm surprised no one took us next door to HR for it. Especially after K. made a reference to Barney the Dinosaur.

Perhaps we spent a little too much time in the hot sun....... :-D

Getting back to the intended content of this blog, I delivered Stealth Project 1 earlier this week. Here it is:

It's a bookmark from the Fancy Folds pattern that I picked up at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo this spring. I also picked up a sample pack of Cherrywood fabrics while I was there, which I used to make it. I have fabrics to make 1-2/3 more. On the third one I'll use a batik for the back.

And to appease those who think Emma gets too much publicity, here's a recent picture of Blue. He's the biggest of the furries - 13+ pounds, but pretty much solid muscle. You can't see his blue eyes here, but clearly, his fur is beautiful, too.

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